Is it actually just $149 a month?

Yes. This includes up to 5 pages, such as a home page, contact page, about page, etc, like the site you are on now. I include all hosting, maintenance, edits, and upkeep wrapped into your payment. If you have a larger project in mind, don’t hesitate to let me know!

This monthly payment model is geared towards small business owners who know they need an online website, but don’t necessarily want to sink a huge cost right away. I also want to work with those that are tired of managing your own site and want to just focus on running your business. This model is best suited for those looking to grow and have a professional online presence with a low-cost solution!

What if I just want to buy a website without a subscription?

Totally fine! Contact me today to get a custom quote. Please be aware quotes may widely vary based on the scope of your project. I try to be transparent with my pricing however. A basic 5-page site starts at about $3500.

Do you work with all types of business?

I work with most types! Please be aware of one notable exception: retail outlets such as Shopify/Ecommerce-type sites. Due to liability concerns, there are some other sectors that also may be excluded. Contact me today to get started!

How do I design my site?

I realize different owners have different needs. Some would like a very collaborative and involved process, and I’m happy to accommodate. I have found many others are wanting a professional design but not necessarily interested in the technical features. Whatever your mindset, I try to make the process as friendly and painless as possible!

Do you actually hand-code the sites?

Yes. I have a degree in computer programming and love learning to build sites by scratch! Page builders such as Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix not only take overhead profits off the top, but also tend to be inferior in speed to my sites. Speed scores are currently ranked highly by Google and help to bring business leads via web searches.

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